• Bowling Alleys

    Top Bowling Alleys In Tucson, Arizona For You To Enjoy

    When moving to any new city its important to find things you like to do and people that you like to do them with. There are two trains of thought on finding new friends but the best way is to do things you really enjoy and talk to people there to become friends. There is probably no other activity that is more friendly than bowling. Since you’re constantly waiting for your turn, there is ample time to chat, eat, drink and laugh at the other bowlers. Most bowling alleys are kid friendly so it’s an easy and safe place to take the entire family as well. Here are a couple…

  • Shopping Mall

    Enjoy Your Time At Tucson Arizona Shopping Mall

    Whether you enjoy shopping or you only do it when you have to, there are some great opportunities at the Tucson Arizona shopping mall. They have some nice shops that just about everyone can enjoy. If you are planning a trip to the mall in Tucson, here are some helpful tips that you can use to help make your time there as fun and as worry-free as possible. First of all, decide on your purpose for visiting the mall. Are you going just to hang out and walk around? Or do you need something specific and plan to get it an leave?