Bowling Alleys

Top Bowling Alleys In Tucson, Arizona For You To Enjoy

When moving to any new city its important to find things you like to do and people that you like to do them with. There are two trains of thought on finding new friends but the best way is to do things you really enjoy and talk to people there to become friends. There is probably no other activity that is more friendly than bowling. Since you’re constantly waiting for your turn, there is ample time to chat, eat, drink and laugh at the other bowlers. Most bowling alleys are kid friendly so it’s an easy and safe place to take the entire family as well. Here are a couple of the top bowling alleys in Tucson, Arizona.

Golden Pin Lanes Has Something For Everybody

Probably the biggest bowling alley in the city, Golden Pin Lanes has lots of amenities that make it popular. There are bowling leagues and bowling clubs, special discounts for birthday parties with all the special planning you can imagine, plus charity events, and special nights every week.

In addition to that, there is a full grill restaurant with great food, an arcade corner for kids and adults, plus a full bar with plenty of great beers on tap. If you like to browse the internet between turns, they also have free Wi-Fi throughout the location too. You can join a league, there are several throughout the year, or you can bowl in the public lanes every night of the week. Their grill, called The Frame, has specials every afternoon with cheap prices on margaritas, beers, and food. There is usually an early happy hour and a later happy hour to accommodate everyone.

You can find Golden Pins Lanes online where they have a large web presence to schedule special parties, make reservations and join leagues or visit them in person, their hours are easily found there. They even have an email notification system that can keep you posted for special events like tournaments.

Vantage Bowling Centers Have a Lot To Offer

With the Vantage Bowling Center Group you can have access to several local bowling alleys like the Cactus Bowl, Fiesta Lanes, Lucky Strike Bowl, Tucson Lanes, and Pizzano’s Bowling alley. They pride themselves on having a very family oriented fun time for everyone with prices that will keep you returning forever.

They are great places to have birthday parties for both kids and adults alike. There are group discounts and advanced reservations available, plus special planning help to make every party and event a good time for all. There are plenty of leagues that have local and state level tournaments for year round fun. And fundraiser nights are quite common since it’s an easy way to raise money for your group while having a great time.

If your like bowling, or just playing the arcade games, you can always have a good time at the local bowling alleys. Tucson, Arizona has more bowling alleys than most cities its size and they are all well air conditioned for those extra hot days that Arizona can have. For family fun and meeting like-minded friends, you can’t go wrong at the bowling alley.